Job Searching Tips

job searching tips

In this day and age, turnover rates for jobs are just about as high as they have ever been in history.  There have been a lot of different touted potential reasons for this, but much of the fact of the matter remains that people are simply just searching for jobs more often than they used to.  In this day and age, the average turnaround rate for most jobs is about two years, with fewer and fewer millennials getting into career positions where they stay at the same company for more than a year or two.  There are lots of reasons why this might be occurring:

  • My personal opinion is that we are in a big change as far as business and work in our country goes. In my youth, people generally speaking got educated in one field, got a job in it, and stayed working in that one field and usually at that one job for at least five to ten years; sometimes for their entire lives.  Now, however, this has seemingly changed quite a bit.  Nowadays, the economy and the marketplace for business and work is in such flux that changes are occurring much more quickly and more frequently too.
  • Another cause for this is that there are a lot more options with careers and jobs to choose from than there was two or three decades ago. As far as careers go, the sky is the limit and there are literally thousands of different career paths that one can follow.  This has also created more change and fluctuation in the marketplace.
  • The new generation that is coming of age now, (millennials), have the most doubt about which jobs to have than any generation before them, hence the high turnover rate. Also factor in the fact that more and more college grads are not getting jobs in fields that they majored in and you have a situation where the workplace and marketplace are very tangled and different and sometimes quite confusing.


Jobs.  Jobs.  Jobs.  It all comes down to that good old-fashioned job search.  The challenge of today is to try to find a job that is interesting and rewarding enough to a person to actually cause them to want to stay on at that location and continue to work there indefinitely.  That is what is causing people to have the most difficulty in this day and age.  However, public opinion dictates that if people could simply get better at actually finding a job, then this would not be such a big issue or difficult thing.

My job search tips are:

  1. Know what you want. People settle when looking for a job way too often.  “It’s just a job.”  “It’s just temporary until I find something better.”  These are the talks of the times.  But then you say that and wake up three years later still working at a job that you don’t like.  Or you find yourself turning in two-week notices as regularly as paying your electric bill.  Just take your time in your search, really go in depth with your search, and grant yourself the ability and the skill to actually branch out and find a great job that will really be to your liking.
  1. Use tools to find jobs. I am a huge proponent for job search engines and using all of the tools available to you.  With job searches, it’s all about quantity.  The more prospective jobs that you look at, the more likely you are to find something that truly excites you and that you truly like a lot.
  1. Go to LOTS of interviews.  Quantity.  The more interviews you go to and the more prospects you look into the better the chance is that you will find something truly special and workable for you.

At the end of the day, you just have to put the work in, and you will find the job of your dreams.

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