How to make Planning a Reality

“A dream is a wish your heart makes.” That’s the saying, right? It might make you believe that it’s easy to follow your heart’s wishes. Well, whether it’s a dream or a goal or objective, they all require the same thing – adequate planning. And they will remain just that – plans – unless you take action steps to actually accomplish your plans to achieve your dreams and goals. Per Wickstrom once dreamed of being an entrepreneur, and he made it happen through hard work, planning, and acquiring the necessary resources to do so. It’s easy to talk about what you plan to do tomorrow or five years from now, but it’s an entirely different story to actually make that happen. So, while it’s not easy to follow your heart’s wishes, it is possible. Read on to learn how to make your plans into your reality.

  1. Outline your short-term and long-term goals

What do you want in a few months? In a few years? What about in 40 years? You have to know what you want and why. Per Wickstrom knows what he wants. Do you? If not, think about it! If so, think again – it’s important to get down to what’s actually important. You may want to be a doctor. Well, why? Is it because you like to perform surgery or because you want to help people? If it’s because you want to help people, then your end-goal is not becoming a doctor, but helping people, which is something you can accomplish via various means. Remain flexible in your thinking and outlining so you can focus on the important parts rather than getting caught up in details that ultimately may not matter.

  1. Create and fill in objectives for each goal

In order to achieve your goals, you must develop smaller action steps, called objectives. Per Wickstrom values the importance of creating objectives to achieve larger goals. Otherwise, he would not be the successful entrepreneur he is today.

  1. Follow through on the objectives, each one a step towards reaching your end-goal

It’s also possible to have a sequence of small goals and smaller objectives leading up to larger goals or an ultimate destination. For example, each time Per Wickstrom opens a new business center, he is accomplishing both a goal and taking another step towards his end-goal of helping people and succeeding in business and in life.